Posted on Jan 17, 2020

Hans Cosmos Yoga & Meditation By Yogini Neetu

Sh Rama: Human who earn religion in his meditation on thou art turn religious. By earning this religion one attains everlasting victory in every situation of life. He describe body as Chariot & when body perform meditation on thou art it turn Dharamrath: The Religious Chariot.By performing meditation of thou art a human earn divine qualities. By possessing divine qualities one can conquer even the mighty & invincible foe like attachment, anger, lust, ego & pride. Performing meditation on thou art one turn fearless, One attain fortitude, One attain firmness in truth & one earn good character. Which Rama said four wheels of Chariot. One attain strength, discretion, self control , care & love for all beings without discrimination which Sh Rama said four horses of Chariot. One attain the quality of forgiveness, compassion, equanimity & devotion to God which Sh Rama calls four Reins of the Chariot. One attain detachment as shield , contentment as sword, charity/helping mind as axe, understanding as missile, are the weapon to protect the body while functioning in this world.Knowledge of the self attained in meditation is the Bow, A pure steady mind, discipline, abstinence are the arrows of bow. Homage to the saint is armor.
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