Posted on Apr 29, 2020

Hans Cosmos Yoga & Meditation By Yogini Neetu

Sh Rama in age of 16 years went on pilgrimage tour with his brothers, when he came back from trip, he behaviour was not like past. He seems to be lost. He became very pensive , lost interest in family talk even with his brothers,shunned all social contacts,his mind discard all desires, and has no attachment.
Dashratha discussed this matter with Vishvamitra, Vishmitra said your son is not in delusion, May be he is walking toward wisdom which bring enlightenment, bring him in court, we will discuss with him.
Rama appeared in front of King Dashrath, Vishvamitra nad many others sage in assembly, Dashrath asked, My son why are you so sad and dejected,
Rama said in my pilgrime tour when i saw outside life there people are suffering, all are born to die and die only to be born, there is all unreal, even mind is also seem unreal. I have discard all but still my mind is confused and i have not attain wisdom yet, I am like a tree which has been cut but not seprated from its roots. We are not slaves but yet we have no freedom. I have discard desries but still not attain wisdom, Please tell me how i can reach to supreme state of bliss which liberates, My heart bleeds with sorrow when I think of these things and I do not feel like eating or sleeping, restless,in search of an answer to these questions.
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