Posted on Jan 15, 2020

Hans Cosmos Yoga & Meditation By Yogini Neetu

When Rama was bleak over the loss of Sita then sage Agastya advise Rama to take vow of Pasupata vrata.Pashupata means the path that leads to Pashupati or to the tranquil,omniscient state or the union(yoga)of individual soul with Pashupati.Pahupati is Supreme consciousness/Shiva.

This is day to day life situation of each human when he turn hopeless but now there are rare or No advisory like Sage Agastya who can teach the path of uniting individual soul to Supreme soul, In modern day today fake guru are teaching meditation & give mantra which is beneficial to attain somehow little worldly benefits or extension of mind consciousness which can grow business or can give money benefits, But Sage Agastya are teaching to Rama to take Vow until he do not unite his soul to supreme soul , by uniting that one never get bleak/hopeless or suffers as his pair of pain & pleasure, sorrow or joy, heat or cold, money or poor all pair turn same, none of worldly affairs effect him, soul attain freedom and only perform action without any effect of emotions,pain,sufferings,.
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