Posted on May 9, 2020

Hans Cosmos Yoga & Meditation By Yogini Neetu

Queen chundali n king sikhtavya were ruling kingdom happily. Queen said o my loving husband,with u i have enjoyed all worldly pleasures.but yet i have not tasted divine fruit of naam treasure. King said we both will invite sage n start practice to learn spirituality. Sage came to palace to teach them. Queen carefully followed sage instuctions with discipline n devotion. Within couple of years with divine grace queen attained naam treasure while staying in palace fulfilling all duties as queen. She told to king that she attain peace,samadhi,cosmic bliss n witness lord abode. King laughed n said o queen many are doing austerity,left all comforts,depart to woods,still they could not attain.How u a women residing in mid of all comforts claiming u attain it. You have gone mad. You have lost your mind. King did not trust him. Similarly when guru nanak use to tell about spiritual path people use to call him kehriya(mad man)also saint kabeer mother use to say my son has gone mad,true saints are always recall mad by society while living n we all have witness how fake sage running business by establishing satsang huge organisation,ashrama,religions after true master depart.
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