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By What means the sorrows of life can be over?

O Human it is when only U learn art where pleasure does not excite you.

Meditate on Thouart ceaslessly to attain this stage where pair of Pain/pleasure, joy-sorrow,heat-cold turn same, No suffering turn sorrow&now pleasure exite You

Witness me in the light of sun&moon&sense me in radiance
Witness me in shadow of tree-sense me in fresh air
Witness me in Worldly pleasure-Sense me in renunciation
Witness me in temple,mosque-Sense me in your heart
Witness me in Water,River,Sea-Sense me in taste
I'm cosmic energy

,It is sun who enlighten,who spread cosmic energy,It is sun which created Life force,Then life force multiplied through semen,Through sun the secret of Cosmos Yoga is transferred in human body,The one who try to search thyself the secret will be revealed to him by cosmos.

Sh Rama: Human who earn religion in his meditation on thou art turn religious. By earning this religion one attains everlasting victory in every situation of life. He describe body as Chariot & when body perform meditation on thou art it turn Dharamrath: The Religious Chariot.By performing medita...

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When Rama was bleak over the loss of Sita then sage Agastya advise Rama to take vow of Pasupata vrata.Pashupata means the path that leads to Pashupati or to the tranquil,omniscient state or the union(yoga)of individual soul with Pashupati.Pahupati is Supreme consciousness/Shiva.

This is day to d...

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The state of oneness with the Self (samadhi) is the source of eternal bliss.
The state of surrender in lotus feet of Guru is the source to attain liberation.
The state of feeling cosmic energy everywhere is the source of Cosmos Gyana.
The state of Devotion is the source of Lord.

O Shiva,as your consciousness is pure&connected with Supreme,May you help me as my Guru to unite my Consciousness to Supreme.May you also help me to share Gyana to true seeker whomsoever come to me to learn it.May I sing your praises&remain merge in U while in body & at time of death

There is no greater Prayer than Meditation on Thou art-Supreme-Cosmic energy contemplating on Sun or moon. There is no greater shelter than dwelling under a tree. There is no greater pleasure than inside each human heart. There is no greater relation than within the self. Peace

As per vedas, Gau(गौ )is called to the cosmic power,Cosmic mother,universal energy which part is tied in each being in mooladhara&can be connect to Supreme by following meditation.Vedas say no one should harm Gau&it is cosmic mother,Hindus perceive vedas talk about cow animal and due to unawarene...

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Meditation Class, Yoga Asanas, Chakra Balance, Energy Center Rejuvenation, Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga, Music Meditation, Cosmos Healing

  • Meditation Class

    Meditation is the cleansing process for mind, We do clean our outer body with bathing. We also do cleansing of our mind outwardly by doing massages, going to tour, travel destination, playing, watching tv or reading books etc, But inner cleaning of mind can be done by Meditation, It also help to fight with stress and depression. In day to day life for increasing efficiency it is best exercise.
  • Yoga Class

    Yoga means to pose, any pose by which you stretch your body parts is Yoga Asanas. Initial stages all poses happen with pain but No pain No gain is perfect saying for Yoga Asana, As much as pain you accept to pose you gain that much. It promotes health, makes you strong, fight with inner pain and deceases. Makes your body structure beautiful and shining.
  • Chakra: Energy Center Balance

    Each human body has chakra within. With imbalance in this chakra human start to get stuck in stress, depression, decease , anger, greed, ego, impotency problems (males & females) , menstruation problem (females), Hormone problem (males & females both) , by setting up balance in these chakra human can achieve better qualities to increase his persona.
  • Kundalini Yoga

    Each human has Chakra and Kundalini power within. To set up a balance in this chakra offer positive energy and promote good health. Kundalini activate with the grace of cosmos but Yoga Asana & breathing exercise purify a human and when mind activity stop or one person win control over it then Kundalini walk upward, This yoga purpose is to activate kundalini for spiritual purpose.
  • Raja Yoga

    Raja means Kings, A knower of Raja Yoga becomes King of his senses, by winning control over it he enter into auspicious. This is similar to Sahaj Yoga and it is slow process. It takes minimum 3 to 5 years for dedicated students. Sometimes it takes 11 year to life time to achieve the goal. It is a path of self discipline and regular practice includes many phase which are 1. Self Control : Control on your food items, expenses, living cost, desires & all type of worldly affairs except basic needs , 2. Discipline : Regular practice of this Yoga at same time 3. Physical Exercise : Yoga Asana, Household works, cycling, outdoor play, walking, etc all type of movement in body which stretch the parts of body. 4 Breathing Exercise 5. Sitting in Meditation for minimum 2.5 hours 6. Withdrawal of senses, do not move and control sense movement 7. Concentration 8. Body & sense turn numb 9. Short period Samadhi 10 Taking bathe at Kashi (merging point between eyebrows) 11 enter into Samadhi & Nirvana
  • Sahaj Yoga

    It is similar as Raja Yoga, it is another name of Raja Yoga, Sahaj means Slow , Sahaj Yoga is slow process with many fold like Raja Yoga.
  • Bhakti Yoga

    To surrender all in the lotus feet of your Guru or Deity and Remain in Japa (recitation of holy name) all the time including dreams and sleep , is Bhakti yoga , the end of this yoga is similar to Kundalini or Raja Yoga, to bathe at Kashi (meeting point of ida,pingala &sushmana at eyebrow center) and Hear big Bang Om sound in inner journey and match with cosmos energy & to Know 'I am He' Aham Braham Asmi.
  • Cosmos Healing

    Cosmos has energy which we receive while we are sleeping, That is why everyday sleep is must for each human, But sometimes we are not able to receive required energy to heal our body so with cosmos healing one can prepare himself/herself to rejuvenate mind, body and soul to receive perfect and fine cosmos energy.


a month ago
My wife Florence and I, Sylvain, spend 2 weeks in Fort Cochin. We had the chance to meet Yogini Neetu who taught us the bases of meditation and the bases of her philosophy. We spend marvellous moments with her, meditating or talking about spirituality. It is rare to find such a beautifull mind. If you are around and you want to learn about yoga and meditation she is the good person. We thank her very much for the time we spend with her and we hope we will come back to continue our experience
- Sylvain C
a year ago
I’ve been practising yoga with Yogini Neetu for the last two weeks and I must say that this has been my favourite yoga learning process by far. Her deep knowledge, patience and love for the universe is invigorating and inspiring. We practice yoga on the beach everyday and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and setting to learn yoga!
- Kritika B
2 months ago
Neetu is a beautiful soul. She explained things very patiently and told us the effect of each pose. I learned a lot and improved my ability in just one class. Wish I could take more with her. Note: enter through the small side door on the right. I could not find the stairs leading up to the terrace when I entered the main entrance and spent 10 minutes invading every room of her house looking for a way up. Neetu's classes have a strong musical element so she is playing music and singing up there and cannot hear you calling for help.
- Weiwei L

About us

I am yogini Neetu , By the grace of Cosmos I help the learner with Meditation Class, Yoga Asanas, Chakra Balance, Energy Center Awareness in body, Kundalini Yoga, Each human has energy centers within. Human body physically accumulates strain and pressure in day to day life. Small amount of strain and pressure is good to perform better; it motivates & helps to improve the working skills. But if it increases it turn to stress. Stress is a type of psychological pain. With this pain energy center start to become less lively and body start to catch deceases. The deceases start from our Brain when energy center get weakened and enter into spine and take a form of decease. By reviving energy centers we can get rid of decease and can remove our stress and rejuvenate our mind, A rejuvenates mind give birth to peaceful soul and healthy body. Hans Healing center facilitate the technique to Heal the energy centers and revive mind, body & soul to stay peaceful all the time.

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