Human whole life chase lust in ignorance to attain sense pleasure, Rare one chase love ,then that rare fortunate attain greatest pleasure above senses pleasure. O human you know not love till you not witness union in your own body, U chase union with opposite sex for low pleasure.

तां योगमिति मन्यन्ते स्थिरामिन्द्रियधारणाम्‌।
अप्रमत्तस्तदा भवति योगो हि प्रभवाप्ययौ ॥
Katho upnishad
When one has attained control on senses,has fixed mind on contemplation of Super soul, then he can call as Yogi who attained stage of Yoga,he attains union of soul to super soul,then he turn devo...

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While living practicing meditation one focus to unite soul to supersoul,once attained this goal then also he practice to unite till death to attain perfection,as due to perfection at time of death automatically mind will concentrate between eyebrow&remember lord,Thus recalling Lord at the time of...

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The Yog method of merging in supreme cosmic energy is within Sun Rays,It is Sun which bestow cosmic energy&impart cosmic knowledge.When a seeker attain this Gyana then he impart this knowledge it to his son/disciples.This is how Dharma started & spread orally in beginning.

Bhagwat Geeta : 7.13
The super soul can not be realized by the one who is living life with good conduct,who is in passion,who is in ignorance. Only super soul can be witness when one meditate on self with devotion & discipline, then one can attain union of soul to super soul. This stage is beyond...

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One never turn Brahman by caste,his qualities turn him Brahman,He meditate on One lord to attain union of soul to super soul which bestow supreme qualities which r tranquility,self-control,austerity,purity,tolerance, forgiveness,honesty,knowledge,wisdom & righteousness.

A yoga learner should maintain his body by accepting pose whatever comes of its own accord or is easily performed. Yoga Asana means to pose, the practice to hold the pose for long duration, The path to accept sweet pain which turn gradually pleasure. Acquire pain;receive pleasure.

Hey seeker,if u are seeking liberation then my dear Abstain poison in form of sense pleasures & Desires, Drink the nectar of disciplined service by surrendering all in devotion. Liberation will give you reward of peace,contentment,cosmic bliss,Greatest pleasure,


3 months ago
Saying Neetu is the Best yoga teacher is an understatement. I have been practicing yoga regularly from past 3 years; I have attended many Yoga classes by many yoga teachers during this time; Neetu is not a typical Yoga instructor who runs yoga classes like a cardio workout session, she is a healer and has power to understand student at deeper level. I am super lucky to learn from her ; Even though Neetu pushes me to perform better in each asana, she is very kind, loving & dedicated Yoga teacher ; I am noticing many positive improvements in myself since I started learning yoga and Meditation from Neetu; I highly recommend Neetu for all who want to learn yoga meditation, pranayama, and self -healing; Neetu is a gem of a person! I am very lucky to have her in my life; Thank you Neetu for being wonderful yogini you are 🙏
- Poornima H
11 months ago
My wife Florence and I, Sylvain, spend 2 weeks in Fort Cochin. We had the chance to meet Yogini Neetu who taught us the bases of meditation and the bases of her philosophy. We spend marvellous moments with her, meditating or talking about spirituality. It is rare to find such a beautifull mind. If you are around and you want to learn about yoga and meditation she is the good person. We thank her very much for the time we spend with her and we hope we will come back to continue our experience
- Sylvain C
a year ago
Neetu is a beautiful soul. She explained things very patiently and told us the effect of each pose. I learned a lot and improved my ability in just one class. Wish I could take more with her. Note: enter through the small side door on the right. I could not find the stairs leading up to the terrace when I entered the main entrance and spent 10 minutes invading every room of her house looking for a way up. Neetu's classes have a strong musical element so she is playing music and singing up there and cannot hear you calling for help.
- Weiwei L

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I am yogini Neetu , By the grace of Cosmos I help the learner with Meditation Class, Yoga Asanas, Chakra Balance, Energy Center Awareness in body, Kundalini Yoga, Each human has energy centers within. Human body physically accumulates strain and pressure in day to day life. Small amount of strain and pressure is good to perform better; it motivates & helps to improve the working skills. But if it increases it turn to stress. Stress is a type of psychological pain. With this pain energy center start to become less lively and body start to catch deceases. The deceases start from our Brain when energy center get weakened and enter into spine and take a form of decease. By reviving energy centers we can get rid of decease and can remove our stress and rejuvenate our mind, A rejuvenates mind give birth to peaceful soul and healthy body. Hans Healing center facilitate the technique to Heal the energy centers and revive mind, body & soul to stay peaceful all the time.

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